Coastal Technologies provides customers with some of the most
effective and resourceful business solutions in the computing industry. We
specialize in web application development, web design, application software and
technical training. Coastal’s skilled software designers have created numerous
custom applications for major corporations and government agencies.

  • Our HELP!Desk program is
    used by organizations worldwide for managing customer service and technical

  • Our team of developers and designers can create or update your
    web site or web-based application.  Find out what we can do for your
    business by requesting a free consultation.

  • We offer customizable 100% web-based applications for retail,
    wholesalers and the publishing industry.  Even more business solutions
    are in development.

  • With our established base of energizing and dynamic
    instructors, we can provide training in many areas including: systems testing,
    customer support, networking, telecommunications, and most programming

Coastal Technologies should be your first and last stop for all
your computing solutions.

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Web-based Applications

Web applications bring you the functionality you need without
the hassles of installing software.  You can access your application from
any computer with an Internet connection.  We develop custom solutions as
well as ready to run applications.

Local Shopping Portals
With the inaugural launch of, our shopping portal application is
proving to be a boon for retail business owners.  Besides providing a
customizable, e-commerce capable web site for each member business, the portal
provides exposure and marketing to a completely new audience of local shoppers.

This application automates the time-consuming and potentially expensive process
of getting approvals of advertisement proofs.  The AdProofsOnline
application has gotten rave reviews from both media publishers and their

PTA Website Generator and Content Management System
Developed for the Montclair, NJ PTA Council, this application allows the
administrator to fill out a form and generate a complete website for a member
entity.  The website itself is powered by a custom content management
system that allows site managers to easily add and update content in a variety
of formats.

Software Projects

We develop custom software products marketed under our name and
products marketed under others’ names. We also provide backup programming and
design support for the software projects of a number of organizations. The
following are representative samples of software projects completed by Coastal
Technologies in recent years. All programs are designed for a multiuser (LAN)

HELP!Desk is a complete software package for Technical Support/Customer Service
of both internal and external clients. Included are client profiles, call
tracking, asset management, problem solving knowledgebase and training course
scheduling. More than 60 reports provide analysis for technicians and management
alike. Field labels and some menus are customizable. Pop-up tables, alerts,
security and field validation are included features. HELP!Desk supports
unlimited simultaneous users when installed on a local area network. Starting at
just $1,995. On-site installation and training available. HELP!Desk is backed by
a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Request a FREE
evaluation copy.

Subpoena Compliance
This system is designed to keep track of subpoenas that are served on one of the
world’s largest financial institutions. Each subpoena is entered into the system
with all plaintiffs, defendants and business entities that are involved. An
investigator is assigned to each case. The reporting and inquiry feature
includes the capability to keep track of all activities by date with a special
listing of all items that are overdue, and automatic generation of all required
outbound correspondence. Additional reports are used to measure investigator
performance and the volumes of activity during any specified time period. Aging
and complete year-to-date activity reports may also be generated using multiple
levels of criteria.

This system is used on a daily basis and manages the entire
department’s operations. At present, the system contains information on
thousands of subpoenas.

Materials Management
The Materials Management System was developed for the Princeton Plasma Physics
Lab during construction of the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor. This
software was used to track and coordinate the activities of numerous vendors to
keep the project on schedule.

Landmark Planner™ Site Management & Inventory System
Another Coastal Technologies product, this software enables an institution,
historic site, or a homeowner to record all maintenance and structural
information about one or more sites and its contents. This system makes
extensive use of user maintained tables to enter information about the
acquisition and maintenance of both sites and collections

Windows, menus, and context sensitive help make the system very
friendly. The system generates numerous reports which can optionally be
displayed on the screen or directed to a printer, to the screen, or to a files.

Risk Management and Disaster Planning
The Landmark Planner program was significantly modified and enhanced for Chubb &
Son to create applications they could give to their customers. CHUBBMUSE is
geared to the museum market, CHUBBFACTOR to manufacturers and power producers.
Both versions include detailed questionnaires, inventory & personnel modules,
insurance calculations and maintenance checklists and assist the user in
creating a detailed disaster response plan. CHUBBFACTOR also generates the OSHA
200 form covering all OSHA recordable accidents that occur at a facility.

Board of Directors
This system enables the CEO and other senior level executives to review
candidates for Board of Director positions. The program keeps track of all
applicants and current board members. Screen inquiry, reporting, and graphics
enable individuals with few computer skills to operate the system efficiently.

Extensive graphics provide a picture of the board composition by
age at any designated period in time. Additionally, inquiries and reports
identify members and candidate affiliations with other companies.

Funds Management and Programming
Coastal Technologies developed two systems for use by the US Army to manage the
Chaplains’ Non-Appropriated Fund and programs to support the spiritual
well-being of the troops and their families. The Command Master Religious
Program enables the congregations to plan and budget for all activities, while
NMS provides complete accounting functions. An electronic auditing program was
provided to the Chief of Chaplains to enable auditors to quickly check a fund
for fraud or tampering.

The GENNY Accounting System is designed for organizations that require a number
of specialized modules in their accounting program. GENNY permits entries as
large as 100 billion dollars, and provides an unusually complete audit trail,
and automatically generates numerous types of transactions.

Multiple levels of control enable the system to keep track of
users and current balances of all accounts during entry and posting. The system
manages multiple companies, departments, and Charts of Accounts. Other features
include multi-level security, check writing, and employee receivables.

Naval Flight Mission Debriefing

This system was developed for the US Navy to capture and maintain flight
information for airborne early warning squadrons. It automates the maintenance
of air crew qualifications, tracks aircraft flight hours and equipment failures,
and generates reports and graphs for all missions flown. A complete electronic
record of every flight is maintained, and the reports provide many decision
making tools. We could tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you.

Industrial Automation
This system integrates laser scanners, parts counting scales, and vertical
carousels for eight packers in a plastics manufacturing plant. After a user
scans a bar code, the computer identifies the part in its database and moves the
carousel to the appropriate position. While the carousel is in motion, the scale
is tared for the box that will be used to hold the parts, while the screens
attached to the carousel display part number, name, and the number of pieces per
box. The operator then adjusts the number of pieces in the box until the scale
counter matches the standard quantity displayed on the carousel. The parts
database is downloaded periodically from an on-site minicomputer.

Political Action Committee fund raising, accounting and reporting are managed by
this system. Federal and State reports are generated in the appropriate
government formats. The system transfers data to other software packages for
additional analysis when necessary.

As an added feature, the system provides accounting modules,
maintains multiple checking accounts and prints checks.

Student Tracking
This system was developed for one of the world’s largest telecommunications
company to select candidates for training and track their progress. Trainee
performance is measured along with the performance of the educators. Employee
requirements for promotions and certificates are organized by the system.

The employee and job history databases are downloaded form the
corporate mainframe. Selected data is transmitted through an electronic mail
system to individual users. Extensive demographic reporting is performed.

Training & Education

Coastal Technologies has partnered with New Instruction, LLC to develop more
that sixty different courses, employing both lecture and hands-on formats. These
courses are offered both on-site and as public seminars.  On-site courses
are custom tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

Consulting Services
Coastal Technologies provides management consulting services in many areas. Past
projects include developing a five-year computer strategy for a consulting firm,
the design of a reporting compliance system for a real estate company, and the
planning of a pharmaceutical inventory management system.

We are a full service company dedicated to the successful implementation of
effective customer support. To help our customers support their internal and
external customers, we offer one of the most comprehensive management consulting
and training programs in the industry. We provide services in many areas

  • Support Needs Assessment
  • Support Strategy and Planning
  • Development and Implementation of a Standard Support Environment
  • Special Seminars, Briefings, and Skills Development