Finally, an easy way to keep parents and caregivers involved in their children’s education.

Eximius is a web site generator and
intelligent content management system for school districts and parent-teacher associations.

Eximius was originally developed for the PTAs of the nationally renowned Montclair (NJ) Public Schools.
Now, after four years of daily use and two rounds of significant upgrading and tweaking, Eximius has proven itself ready
for other school systems, PTAs, PTOs and PTSOs.

Every Eximius web site is customizable with options for an events calendar, fliers, articles, important messages, advertisements or
special notices, photos, broadcast email, and much more. Each component was carefully crafted to keep parents involved
and informed. Equally important, the entire system is designed to be used and maintained by volunteer “webmasters”
— even if they have no knowledge of web programming.