Eximius Technology

Putting the right technology to work for you.

Eximius is a completely web-based application. That means once it’s installed, everything you
need to do can be accomplished from any computer with an internet connection.

The Eximius application is powerful software that uses a special database and code processing engine that
is installed on a web server. If your school system already runs a web server, Eximius and the related programs
can be easily installed on it. If you need to find a host, we can direct you to several different vendors.

The System Admninistrator

You’ll need to assign someone to the role of Eximius Administrator. This person will have top-level access
to the program and is our primary point of contact for installation and setup.

Responsibilities include creating the master site as well as generating the school and entity sites.
Though that sounds complicated and intimidating, it’s actually an automated process. All you do is
fill in a few responses on a form and Eximius does the rest.

Web Site Administrators

Site Administrators have primary responsibility for maintaining their school or entity web site.
If you can fill out a form and use a word processor, you have the basic skills you need. Eximius
is intended for you. If, on the other hand, you are knowledgeable in HTML and CSS, you’ll be able to
more extensively customize the look, feel and behavior of your site.

And for the really technical…

Eximius can be installed on most hosting accounts. Since you will use Eximius to run multiple
web sites and each web site can have unlimited content, if you don’t already have a web server we
recommend getting a virtual private server (VPS) account. ServInt offers a VPS solution for only $49/month
that provides more than enough power and disk space for your Eximius installation.

Eximius requires additional software to be installed on your web server: Aestiva’s HTML/OS engine,
Clear Image Software’s Image Services library, and the freeware ImageMagick library. Licenses
for HTML/OS and Image Services are included as part of the Eximius package. We will arrange for the installation
of all software or provide technical support if you choose to install it yourself.