Powerful features keep the lines of communication flowing freely between schools and parents

Eximius screenshot

By default, an Eximius home page contains the following features:

  1. Customizable banner
  2. Home page messages (with start and end dates)
  3. Links (to other web sites)
  4. Advertisements / special notices
  5. Fully customizable main menu
  6. Highlighted articles
  7. Upcoming events
  8. School fliers
  9. District (master site) fliers

Features can be added, removed or reordered.  Every item’s appearance
can be easily changed by the site administrator.  This sample shows a
default view with custom banner.

Eximius allows people with little or no understanding of HTML to maintain a web site, add content, and send broadcast email. If you
can use a word processor and fill out a form, you have all the skills necessary to administer a powerful web site. For people with
HTML and CSS skills, Eximius gives you the flexibility to let your creativity
run wild.