Systems Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques

Checklist: Additional Testing Concerns

  • Memory: availability, high, low, virtual, swapping, page size
  • Resource competition on the system
  • Processing: batch, on-line, multiple input sources
  • Conflicts: anti-viral software, automated test tools, TSR’s, security
    software, IRQs
  • Backup: disaster recovery, backups, rerun capability
  • Connectivity: band width, interoperability, modem speed, ISDN lines,
    distributed applications
  • Security: passwords, fire walls
  • CD-Rom access and speed
  • File conversions
  • Design of client server architecture
  • Version Controls
  • Display issues: graphics, monitor size, graphic cards
  • Printer: type, speed, color, resolution, paper weight, paper size,
    envelopes, multiple printers
  • Platform: mainframe, minicomputer, microcomputer, number of platforms
  • Multiple operating systems
  • Transactions: size, quantity, rate
  • Error processing: message source, location, timing, acknowledgements